I lived there for a year (2010/2011) one of my top BFF from high school lives there so I often come back because this is one of the best place to have fun at ! here's what we like to do
  1. Drink absinthe at the Floris
    Yes This my #1 : there's no hangover with absinthe. Absinthe is great
  2. Drink beers
    Country of the beer (I once was in trouble for saying I don't like beer) there's billion of different beers from all the world at Delirium (pict) (but FYI if you're like me the absinthe on or Rhum one are just in front of it) (don't drink to much) (don't mix too much alcohols)
  3. Eat fries and mussels
  4. Eat fries at Place Flagey
    But be NICE the guy is like the Soup Nazi and I've seen him refusing to serve girls because he didn't like how they talked... Long line also btw
  5. Eat waffles
    Now whenever I smell waffle it makes me thing of Brussels ! There are little kiosk in the streets everywhere it smells so good ! Those are already sugared / caramelized ones so no need to add anything
  6. Awesome shopping
    Many different styles ! New places ! 1 big shopping street rue neuve with the big brands but also lots of independent shops nearby the Grand Place
  7. Thailandish food
    I used to go at one nearby metro station Stephanie, they are even more nearby Bourse : I don't know the history of Thailand immigration in Bruxelles that may explain that but the thing is: there are a lot of Thailand restaurants and they are all good
  8. Visit Magritte museum
    Ceci n'est pas un musée
  9. Bark at Bois de la cambre
    Le Bois de la cambre is a very big wood/park very nice to chill (bit farthest from center Brussels there's also horse riding)
  10. Visit the chocolate museum
  11. Eat chocolate
    Its (one of) the country of the chocolate ! It's awesomeee
  12. Be disappointed in front of the mannekenpiss
    Chances are you may pass in front of him and not see him he's so small !!
  13. Have brunch at the museum of musical instruments
    Such a nice view and a nice monument !
  14. Madame Moustache
    Very very Cool bar with often other things during the day like market and stuff
  15. There are so many bars actually
    I don't remember the names I usually just go directly I'm thinking of Le bonnefoi also many nearby bourse or place Sainte catherine
  16. Marché du Chatelain
    Market with classic things but also best raviolis I never had as well a chicken and pumpkin Thailand soup, the market is on Wednesday afternoon and after 5/6 becomes a "apero" place where everyone get drinks and hang out
  17. Cinquantenaire
    One of Brussels biggest monument and a nice park I worked nearby and liked taking my lunch break here
  18. La Grand Place
    Most famous place, really pretty and in the center of old Brussels so close to everything
  19. (My picture isn't as good 😉)
    The flower floor is during the week end of the 15th of August ! Sorry if like @amieshmamie you missed it!) the Christmas tree is awesome too !
  20. Brussel Vintage Market
    Check when it is !
  21. Chill at the Royal Park
    The Royal Castle is pretty and in front of a nice park
  22. Cartoon museum
    You should that Brussel is the mother of many many cartoons and very important in cartoons history (Tintin, The Smurfs, Lucky Luke, Blake and Mortimer, Spirou, Gaston Lagaffe...). Also there are many mural in the city of cartoons
  23. Seriously the absinthe is good
    Nye 2013/2014 was good too