Favorites songs about Paris

FYI French music magazine Les Inrocks also made another playlist with much more : http://youtu.be/u14-htQMxUc?list=PLPTOTx5NkPCZjaHFFR89C9OUMZAmVS9Oc ! But those are my actual fav :
  1. 1.
    J'aime plus Paris - Thomas Dutronc
    First hit of Jacques' son was a perfect song : "manouch" (gipsy) melody with him grumbling about Paris (with so many puns) during all the song... until the end "but Paris is all my life" https://youtu.be/VAfeqAYndZY
  2. 2.
    Paris - Camille
    "Paris tu paries que je te quitte que je change de cap de capitale" Im sure even without understanding the words you see their beauty. Again a song about leaving Paris but actually loving it too much. Do the first two songs I picked tell a lot about me ? Maybe. https://youtu.be/fxQWbMenYCc
  3. 3.
    N***** in Paris - Jay Z & Kanye West
    DOCTOR SAY IM THE ILLEST CAUSE IM SUFFERING FROM REALNESS !!! I know the song by heart and will sing it loudly every time. Ok maybe it's not REAAALLY about Paris but leave me alone ! Also they sang it 11 times in a row in Paris and it was like being in trance ! (I don't think I need to post a link to this one, you know it right ?)