Feel Good French Music

I made a playlist maybe you wanna listen to it ? https://itunes.apple.com/fr/playlist/french-feel-good/idpl.2ec7b430c3f241c4b677193602630f8e some description of the songs in it !
  1. La liste - Rose
    Im writing a list on li.st about a song named liste. How meta. That song really is just a long and cute list and apparently Rose didn't sue Dev and BJ
  2. Foule sentimentale - Alain Souchon
    The song that inspired that list; should I even say more ?
  3. Jardin d'hiver - Henri Salvador
    So peaceful and fun and bringing and the sun in your ears
  4. Le premier jour du reste de ta vie - Etienne Daho
    I know it's a cliche phrase motto written in high school note book but today IS the first day of the rest of your life ! (There's also a french movie named like that and watch it)
  5. Marcia Baila - Les Rita Mitsouko
    Spoiler alert: Thats one of my go to karaoke song ! It's so cheerful you'll never know it's about a real dancer that died of cancer ! But yay !
  6. Le tourbillon de la vie - Jeanne Moreau
    If you've seen Jules et Jim you know. Also very nice cover by Vanessa during the Cesars
  7. Résiste - France Gall
    Empowering af "resist, prove that you exist, seek for your happiness everywhere; fight sign and persist"
  8. Juste quelqu'un de bien - Enzo Enzo
    Such a positive one and one of my mother's favorite so you know it's good and about actual just be someone good
  9. Voyage en Italie - Lilicube
    Maybe french people would make fun of me for including this song in a playlist but haters gonna hate ! I don't care if it's cheesy and all it's my feel good playlist and what's cuter than a romantic week end in Italy ?
  10. Zen - Zazie
    I was such a big fan of Zazie I mentioned her in all my other lists about french music or culture. This is one of her biggest hits; not necessarily my favorite but right on the theme
  11. Je danse le mia - IAM
    90s french rap is my jam and I know this one by heart and I swear it's cute and cool to know
  12. Tout baigne - Menelik
    Again a 90s rap today that everything is fine !
  13. Sur la route - Gérald De Palmas
    Get on the road with Gerald an annoyingly good lucking dude with a guitar and awesome balades
  14. Paris Seychelles - Julien Doré
    Let's travel farther, smells like holidays and summer fling
  15. Elle m'a dit - Cali
    Most joyful breakup song ever !
  16. English song - Brigitte
    See what I did there ? Hehehe I AM a french girl far from LA tho