Five Random* Photos on my Phone (*carefully chosen to make me look good)

Inspired by @bjnovak but with a more honest title.
  1. Becky with the good hair kind of day
    Yes, it may be odd to you but this is my good hair day. No I did not hook up with Jay-Z in case you're wondering
  2. My terrace* is better than yours
    *perks on being at mom's while you're still apartment hunting
  3. I was in London last month and saw a very well-proportionate Ben
    It's rude to call him Big you guys
  4. A very important picture of my mum (left) and her BFF/my aunt in the late 80s
    Ok maybe this one doesn't make me look good but it makes me FEEL good.
  5. I harass people by sending them finger dick pict late at night
    Who doesn't ? As Jessie J would say : I can do it like a brother, do it like dude.