Another kind of list anniversary celebration cause FOOD + LISTERS ?!! Is there any better combo ?!! (Couldn't decide between pic of food or people so I did both when I could)
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    @DawnCloud we first had lunch when I arrived and it was good but I mostly remember a giant cake when we met for tea right before my train back home
    No actually pic of the food tho
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    Still no pic of food but we had Hummus with @k8mcgarry
    But like fancy one at chateau marmont
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    Fondue and raclette with @imc AND @mayla
    🇫🇷 🇫🇷 🇫🇷
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    Very very good Burrito with @LeahG on my first night in Chicago plus also perfect Milanese escalope and lots of wine and champagne on my last night
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    How cute is Leah when eating ?!
    Damn that Square format !
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    Breakfast with @simplyshelli
    This is available a block away from her place. Someway she manages not to go everyday. Respect.
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    Chicago pizza at Lou Malnati with @roaringsoftly
    It's very very good but it's not pizza
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    Tyler also is cute before eating
    The woman on the background really needed her pizza now
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    Seriously give her some food now
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    Awesome french restaurant based on trompe œil with @online
    E.g this saucisson, pickles and ham is actually chocolate, madeleine and crepes
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    And look how cute Laurel Ann is too before burger and fries that look like sweet pastries too
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    Crepes with @estherlimtf
    Savory AND sweet because of course !
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    This is my goat cheese and salmon Crepe as well as a close up of my boobs on a see through top; you're welcome
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    VEGEMITE !!! Ok. I didn't eat it with @jessicaz but FOR Jess. I feel closer to her now.
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    ON the toast with tons of other food it was ok but damn @jpbateson eating it with a spoon ?!! You're a monster !!