1. I can't sleep, I'm watching twitter between two panic attacks
  2. America what's going on with you.
  3. You welcomed this man few decades ago.
  4. This is my great grand uncle Peter, he was the youngest of his family as my great grand father was the oldest siblings. (So my uncle Pete was more close in age of a grandpa) here they are with their parents and siblings in Poland . They're the only two who made it after the Shoah
  5. My great-grand father was already in France, married and with children. At least my grandma was born not sure about her brother tho.
  6. Few days ago I mentioned my grandma's stone on a list (thanks @sarahsolene for requesting about it right away) I figured an entire list about it would be not enough precise but it would fit here
    My grandma was around 6 during the war, so she and her parents managed to escape to the "free zone" in south of France. This is a stone she grabbed when reaching that zone. She kept it all her life by her bedside and so do I now
  7. She passed away when I was young so I didn't get to ask more details, I did with my grandma from my mother side and I guess their stories are pretty similar, except I know the names of cities she was hidden at, that some nuns helped them and other family in Pitiviers
    Her father was sent to Auschwitz and survived. She still knows the numbers he had tattoos on his forearms and so does my mother
  8. I grew up with grandparent telling me about their stories, pretty particular for the time, but my 4 grandparents were all already born in France when the war started. They were 100% french. But they were arrested by french policemen, their french neighbors called the police on them or stole their apartments and belongings once they left.
  9. Hitler wasnt even french but I know what a collaborative state can do
  10. I grow up learning about the difference between legally and actually justice.
  11. I shared a more detailed story with pretty crazy documents about my grandpa story in a previous list MY GRANDPA STORY : A SHOAH MIRACLE
  12. I have those historical documents ("Jewish store" card, yellow stars of David or deportation papers) in my own house
  13. I'm terrified
  14. And lost
  15. Because, for me the U.S was the place were uncle Pete and others went to get a free and safe life
    (His brother didn't follow as he had already started his life in France with kids. But he could have)
  16. The U.S was the place I felt safe and thought of going when antisemitism in France frightened me
    I know as a Jew I should think of Israel first but I wasn't: I feel closer to the US, have family here, speak the language etc
  17. I keep looking at twitter and I remember when I was young and asked my family "how come Hitler was elected legally" "how come people didn't defend their Jewish friends?" "How come policemen follow those orders?" "Did People knew about extermination camps? How did they let that happen?"
    Well. Now I know.
  18. In those dark dark times, I keep thinking of those Americans that came through Normandy and fought and died to save my family from nazis. This is the America I love and remember.
    Pic: Omaha Beach American Cemetery in Normandy France
  19. I wish I could hug many of you right now. I'm sorry. Stay safe