1. My brother Anthony isn't on list app
  2. He's not on Twitter as well
  3. But he regularly check my Twitter account
    A fact that I always forget
  4. He's back home for the holidays and mentioned my list about my/our grandpa Shoah miracle story MY GRANDPA STORY : A SHOAH MIRACLE
    He thought it was a Twitter development (to write longer tweets) so I explained it was an app and he was very into it (also he has just started the office so I think he was more sold by "co founded by @bjnovak " than by my own lists. But whatever works. I mean I shared the most important story in our family but ok, fine. (He also disagreed with many of my choices in my French mixtape list but I stand by it 🎵🇫🇷 FAVORITE FRENCH SINGERS AKA MY ULTIMATE MIXTAPE FRANÇAISE plus he doesn't even listen to French music much)
  5. My mum was listening
  6. And I saw discreetly grab her phone
  7. And she said casually "so what's the name of that thing? What did you write?"
  8. I went all 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
  9. So I feel like I should confess the following because I feel so guilty pretending that it wasn't interesting nor important
  10. Cause she insisted
  11. Guys she's already on Facebook, I've managed to keep her out off Twitter but I don't know how she'll be with regarding joining the app
    Especially when she realized that it was a place I write on and as a good Jewish mum just wants to read my personal lists about issues I don't talk to her about.
  12. So yes I said lies like "it's just lists" "nothing interesting" "yeah I talked about grandpa, but you already know the story, you wouldn't learn anything on it"
    But tbh I ran out of bad arguments pretty quickly
  13. Thankfully my aunt was there and just say "leave that! can't you see she doesn't want you to see it"
  14. Thanks Tata ❤️
  15. I told her she could join Instagram if she wants
    I'm never on Instagram anyway 😈
  16. So what's the moral of its story ?
  17. 1. I feel bad denigrating the App. But I had too. It was life or death issues
  18. 2. Anthony if you're reading this: next time wait for our very curious mum to leave the room to mention that I wrote about Grandpa. Or just wrote in general.
    Also, stop creeping on my Twitter. Or at least create an account already so that I remember that you know Twitter.