France presidential candidates ranked by how much I'd enjoy having drinks with them

Inspired by @solena and only understood by her anyway
  1. 1.
    Jean Lassalle
    The only videos I've seen of him involve drinking and singing. Also calling his wife horny. We'd have fun
  2. 2.
    Philippe Poutou
    We'd watch clip of the other candidates and laugh while drinking french wine
  3. 3.
    Nathalie Artaud
    We'd have just a glass of wine and talk about sexism in politics
  4. 4.
    Benoit Hamon
    I'll pay him a drink, he clearly needs one now. Or two.
  5. 5.
    Emmanuel Macron
    I'll make him drink so I can film him and make tons of news memes out of him
  6. 6.
    Jean-Luc Mélenchon
    He won't talk politics. We will have shots and go karaoke
  7. 7.
    Jacques Cheminade
    We'd go see a sci-fi movie not a lot of talking required and we may both have a good time
  8. 8.
    Nicholas Dupont-Aignan
    I'll listen to him telling me about how he's totally going to be president or at least be in the 2nd round. I'll worry he drank to much only to realize he's only drinking water, im the only one on vodka
  9. 9.
    François Fillon
    We will drink champagne paid by french citizens and once he thinks he's fine I'll rant non stop about his lack of basic human decency , privilege and disgust I have for him from what he has done with his wife, to how he treats LGBT communities and women and the difference he makes between men and women even with his children and also how he was with nurses and his shits and his racism toward Muslims and how there wasn't 200 000 people for his meeting and also your dab looks like a nazi salute
  10. 10.
    François Asselineau
    I'll grab the bottle and leave right away
  11. 11.
    Marine Le Pen
    I will not go have a drink with her. Never. Ever.