A follow up to that list WEIRDEST FRENCH EXPRESSIONS FROM❓TO 🔥 that already had important ones to know. Hoping that would be helpful for you, one day.
  1. 1. The ones for when its not working :
    Obviously starting with my speciality 🙄😏
  2. "Se faire des films" literal translation = "make yourself some movies"
    Actual meaning: Obviously not just for romantic meaning : simply mean to imagine things; fantasize, get lost in your thoughts... Ex: I thought we had something going on but no I made myself movies
  3. "Se prendre un vent" literal translation = "to get a wind"
    Meaning to be blanked or rejected, left without answers etc
  4. Short versions like "oh le vent!" "Un vent" work too ! (Oh the wind ! What a wind! etc) work too
  5. "Se prendre un râteau" literal translation = "to get a rake"
    To get knock back, rejected
  6. "un Lourd" literally "an heavy"
    Never found the perfect translation in English while it's such an important word !! Someone insisting, not funny, taxing, unbearable, men commenting on @DanaDigsYou lists... Note that slang reverse work also "relou".
  7. "Poser un lapin" literal translation = "to put down a rabbit"
    A rabbit is when someone doesn't show up at your date (being stood up)
  8. The one when things are working :
    Apparently good things can happen too ! 😏
  9. "Pecho" (already reverse slang from "choper") = "catch"
    Depending of the situation can be a kiss or banging : basically j'ai pecho = I scored or I wanna pecho him etc
  10. "Chiner" = "bargain hunt"
    Slang for "draguer" which is less familiar than chine, meaning to hit on, make a move, chat up...
  11. Être en kiffe : kiffe or verb kiffer is actual familiar slang so not really literal translation
    Meaning to like !
  12. Grimper aux rideaux = "to climb on the curtains"
    It's sex related people ! Yay ! Meaning to be send in rapture, mind blown sex, orgasm, good sex basically
  13. J'ai envie de toi = I want you
    Literally same translation but I though you would wanna know this one anyway
  14. Coup de foudre = lightening strike
    Love at first sight
  15. Pipe = pipe
    A blow job (said it in the previous list linked in description but it's an important one to know, you know in case you think a French man want you to smoke with him)
  16. Être fleur bleue = to be a blue flower
    To be romantic !
  17. Chaud(e)= hot
    Being hot or also kinda horny
  18. Fou amoureux = crazy in love
    Yes it's international
  19. S'envoyer en l'air = "to throw yourself in the air"
    Getting laid !
  20. 3. I made the list ➕ in case you wanna ask for a translation / equivalence of your favorite English ones !
    @solena @bookishclaire rajoutez en aussi !!