How dare you exclude Amelie, @Nicholas ? I love this movie. But ok I get your idea. Therefore I won't put the nouvelle vague classics neither. Let's focus on my REAL favs (not ranked at all)
  1. As said in many other lists my favorite French director is Cedric Klapisch, here are some of my favorite movies he made (and wrote) :
  2. Le péril jeune
    The first ! And what a success it was ! A 90s classic for a generation (as well as the next movie I'm about to talk about), it's the story of 4 friends in high schools in Paris in 1976
  3. L'auberge espagnole
    Story of Xavier who's going to study in Spain for a year. This movie really increased exchange programs in EU! My favorite because it changed me, even if I was still a teen when it came out I knew it was me. I can't spoil the last scene/monologue but watch it and we'll talk about it, now that I'm 27 it speaks to me more than ever. Fun fact: I once showed it to a guy and he started making out BEFORE THE ENDING and it pissed me off more than I could tell. So basically this movie > hot Israeli
  4. Les poupées russes
    Made 5 years after L'auberge espagnole it continues the adventures of Xavier as he tried to find love. I can't tell more I wouldn't want to spoil it or the others ! As you may guess in the titles this time Russia is involved (translation of title is Russian dolls)
  5. Casse tête chinois
    Who thought it would have been a trilogy ? Still Xavier and ci and again I can't tell more without spoilers except that it's in NY this time and the movie was made 10 years later !
  6. Paris
    First time I saw the movie I didn't really liked it maybe because it was Klapisch and Duris (The main actor in all the other films mentioned above) but it didn't feel like a Klapisch movie. Anyway this time we follow the stories of different Parisians and their problems
  7. De battre mon cœur s'est arrêté
    By Jacques Audiard. Had 8 Cesars (French oscars when it came out) except for best actor, basically Romain Duris is our Dicaprio ! btw the movie is a remake of Fingers by James Toback
  8. Un prophète
    Other Audiard's Classic, already mentioned in another favorite movies list about a young man entering in prison. The main actor Tahar Rahim is a real revelation
  9. L'arnacoeur
    Last movie with Romain Duris but I think if you wanna start easily with French film, you may love to watch a "typical US romcom" except it's with Duris and Vanessa Paradis, spoiler there's even a dancing scene
  10. La cité de la peur
    That's just a classic comedy from the 90s by French comic band called "Les nuls" it's very funny, absurd and every lines are quoted on a regular basis. Hope you can find a good subtitles translation version
  11. Astérix Mission Cleopatre
    Best adaptions of the famous French comics "asterix and obelix" by former member of Les Nuls, Alain Chabat. So don't get mixed up with other Asterix movies, this one features Monica Bellucci as Cleopatre. If you needed an argument to see it.
  12. Polisse
    A drama written and direct by Maiween, that centres on the Child Protection Unit of the Paris Police, and a photographer who is assigned to cover the service. On a cuter side, the title comes from Maïwenn own son's misspelling of the word "police"
  13. La famille Bélier
    My surprise last year as I went to see the movie not knowing at all what it was (we had a projection at work as the media group I was working in produced it) and it's very touching, about a daughter in a family of people that can't hear nor speak that discover her talent in singing
  14. Nos jours heureux
    Ok this may not speak to everyone but this comedy about a director of a holiday camp came out my first year as camp counselor and I watched 37274 times. It's by Toledano & Nakache and its Hilariously true !
  15. Tellement proches
    Another comedy by Toledano and Nakache about family/ies this time, again so funny and this time it will speak to anyone having family 😉
  16. Intouchables
    Ok their most famous film that really was as good as they say so I can't forget it on this list. Also for me my fav will always be the 2 mentioned above.
  17. Radiostar
    Ok much more "smaller" movie but I actually discovered it by pure hazard while wanting to go see Intouchables but it was full so I ending up seeing this comedy that may be one of the best of the past few year! About a morning radio show that has to travel to France during summer to get their audience back
  18. Papa ou Maman
    Just watched it and I laughed so much !! It's about a couple that divorce and DON'T want their kids it's so funny !! They almost kill their kids but it's so much fun !
  19. Gainsbourg vie heroique
    So it took me years to watch that movie,because if you've read some of my lists you know now that I'm a total fan of Gainsbourg so seeing his biopic would be hard on different level. And tbh at first I didn't like it but I rewatched it a saw the beauty of it because made by cartoonist Joan Sfar this is more like a tale than a biopic. The casting is brillant and the director and effects too
  20. Je vais bien ne t'en fais pas
    First Melanie Laurent movie is a drama about a girl coming home from holidays only to discovered that her twin brother left their home after a fight with their dad (played brilliantly by Kad Merad) I can't tell much more not to spoil you
  21. Le père Noel est une ordure
    Christmas French movie aren't like yours haha this comedy managed to make us laugh of the worst as we follow a "sos friendship hotline" during Christmas eve. It maybe The most famous comedy. I dressed up as one of the character when I was 18 and its still my main accomplishment! It's by a theater group called "Le splendid" that also did "Les bronzés" and "Les bronzés font du ski" that you MUST WATCH too
  22. Tatie Danielle
    "I think she's mean" that quote could sum up the movie about a really mean old lady, hilariously cruel (at least she tells when children are ugly), one day her family hire a young lady to take care of her for the holidays
  23. Tanguy
    Also from director Etienne Chatillez (tatie Danielle) this movie came out in the early 2000 and was the first to talk about the late 20s early 30 kids that are still living at their parents. To this day we still call those kind of person "a tanguy" !
  24. La crise
    Coline Serreau's comedy about social dramas as a man lost his job and wife and find himself a weird wingman. Probably the movie I quote the most with my brother
  25. Le Diner de cons
    Very classic French comedy, I heard a us remake were make but forget it and watch the original with amazing dialogues.
  26. Délicatessen + La cité des enfants perdus
    Before doing Amelie, in the 90s Jeunet made brilliant movie very weird, poetic and darker. So check them out already.
  27. And just few classics/"older" actors to know :
  28. Patrick Dewaere
    One of my favorite actor, I can't name just one film but check his work. Darker and maybe not suitable for everyone some are very disturbing but the classics are Les Valseuses (with Depardieu) or Serie Noire. He never won any award while being one of the most prolific actor of his generation and killed himself very young
  29. De Funes
    Most popular actor in France during years and years from the 60s to his death in the 80s check Rabbi Jacob my favorite but also l'aile ou la cuisse and the most popular La grande Vadrouille (1966) Le gendarme, le corniaud and many many others