Requested by Leah

French Harry Potter words

Thanks for the request @LeahG ! Look it's 2 my passions : teaching French USEFUL words and Harry Potter ! Happy Potter day !!! (My biggest proudest accomplishment is that my phone corrects HP words in both languages)
  1. So I'm a bilingual potterhead : I started reading Harry Potter at 10 obviously in French,
    then even when I started learning English I didn't feel confident enough to read it, especially cause I knew some names were changed and I was afraid I wouldn't understand
  2. Until half blood prince came out : I was old enough, was reading other books in English, and most of all the French version (any international versions really) always came out month later (for the publisher to translate it)
    So as I was on holidays in Greece with my parents and saw the book everywhere I went all for it.
  3. But still bought the French later officially for my older brother but most likely reread it ALSO in French.
  4. So here are the basics :
  5. Hogwarts
  6. Slytherin
    Serpentard (serpent means snake)
  7. Gryffindor
  8. Hufflepuff
  9. Ravenclaw
  10. Muggles
  11. Snape
    Rogue (only major name change, Umbrage is Ombrage but Thats pretty much it, thanksfully they didn't translate Luna Lovegood !)
  12. Hogsmeade
    Pré-au-lard (change makes sense with Hogwarts name)
  13. Diagon Alley
    Pretty literal translation : Chemin de traverse
  14. Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans
    Les dragées surprises de Bertie Crochue ! Bon appétit !
  15. Happy Harry Potter Day !
    Let's share a BIERAUBEURRE together !
  16. Also would love if some other languages speakers potterhead would share some basics !
  17. Refound that list so it's time to add some things !
  18. Boggart = Épouvantard
    Great pun
  19. Dementor = Detraqueur
  20. The Daily prophet = La gazette du sorcier
  21. Sorting hat = choixpeau magique
    This pun is great it a mix of hat and choice !!