As I auto-proclaim my self Frenchiest of List App, I figure you might need to know more about our culture. I'm talking modern one, I'm gonna assume you already know the nouvelle vague and co. And also want to go beyond Marion Cotillard, the Untouchables and The Artist.
  1. Cedric Klapish
    My favorite director. See his movies "L'auberge espagnole" + "les poupées russes" + "casse tete chinois" a trilogy built in the last 15 years that was/still is life changing for me and for many people from my generation. (Needless you can and will also watch all his other movies)
  2. Ibrahim Maalouf
    Trumpet maestro. He launched his last 2 albums in the same time : one is an homage to Oum Kalthoum the other to ladies in general (theres even a Beyoncé cover) perfect for beginners that wanna try this style
  3. JR
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    Maybe the most famous of all, this photograph/artist is doing his inside/out project everywhere in the world
  4. MC Solaar
    Poet / Rapper my all time favorite. Unfortunately didn't release an album in years but good news for you ! You don't know his old ones so yay go catch up !
  5. Karine Viard
    A French actress that can play every single thing so feel free to wash any of her film and know she'll kill it. The last one La Famille Belier starring her, Francois Damiens and Louane Emera is a must see
  6. I can't really advice for a writer since to be honest I don't read much modern ones. But this time I'll cheat on my own rule and remind of the great classics we have. So start here already. My favorites are Sartre, Zola and Musset
  7. Vanessa Paradis
    Please don't look at her as "Johnny depp's ex". She made albums with only the best and also act in incredible movies. One of her last song is half in English so you won't feel too lost first
  8. Romain Duris
    After watching Klapisch movies you'll fall in love with him. Good news he plays in a very cool romantic comedy with Vanessa Paradis (L'arnacoeur) and in on of the best movie ever made, Un prophète of Jacques Audiard.
  9. Yann Barthes
    The host of Le Petit Journal some kind of French daily show. Very funny but also his team goes where most journalist don't. Plus he drove Fox News crazy last year. Check it out