There was a time when even theme songs were translated ! Glory time ! Here's the most classics ones ! (Now it's not anymore and the dubbing isn't automatic neither! We're making progress!)
  1. The A- Team : l'agence tous risques
    "l'agence tous risques, c'est vraiment, la dernière chance au dernier moment" (the all risks agency is really the last chance at the last moment!) that I have in my head for some unknown reasons since yesterday so I guess it's this list muse
  2. Dallas
    Dallas ton univers impitoyable (Dallas your merciless universe)
  3. Starsky and Hutch
    Static "Les nouveaux chevalier qui n'ont jamais peur de rien(...) gagnent toujours à la fin" : The new Knights (?) that are never scare (..) always win at the end THANKS FOR THE SPOILER THEME SONG !!! (Also we usually sang Starsky et hutch nananana and people gets it)
  4. Different Stokes : Arnold et Willy
    It's poetry : "Personne dans le monde ne marche du même pas. Et même si la Terre est ronde on ne se rencontre pas. Les apparences et les préférences ont trop d´importance acceptons les différences! C´est vrai, faut de tout, tu sais, Faut de tout c´est vrai, Faut de tout pour faire un monde..." guarantee to stay in your head for days, I know I will end up singing it all week !
  5. Also FYI Arnold catch phrase is : mais qu'est-ce que tu me racontes la Willy ?
    And theme song translation : No one in the world walks the same step, even if earth is round we never met, appearances and preference have too much importance, lets accept differences! It's true, it takes all kind, you know, it takes all kind to make a world "