1. Only the finale is broadcasted on national television
  2. Only since 2010 !
  3. It starts at midnight here
  4. The commenters are kinda lame
    Well it's good for beginners like me since they always explaine the rules but I know it annoys people that clearly watch it til 5 am so know why
  5. Even I knew better than them at the presentations
    They didn't know why Tom Brady was booed 😶 (quote "well maybe cause he's very popular and his has a very pretty wife" 😶😶😶)
  6. We do have the National Anthem or Half time show
  7. But not the commercials
  8. So I found your live tweet only 10% funny
    @LevNovak tweets managed to make me laugh even without watching them tho
  9. Yes I'm mostly watching because FOMO, curiosity and
  10. BEYONCÉ.
    Yeah right let's pretend it's Coldplay year
  11. I don't know any of the teams
  12. And not having any family nor friends in one of those cities I don't really root for anyone, which is less fun
    I did made a Twitter pool tho ! Help me choose : https://twitter.com/lisa_fav/status/696480209177067520
  13. I'm not having any party
    Totally on @saytrumbo 's couch I n my head
  14. I'm on my couch with a fluffy blanket
  15. Also.. You may have spot a now deleted list about me hesitating between tea and champagne
    I choose tea, like 3 hours ago and disappoint @franksars and @vmacies
  16. Now I need to stay up and stay French..
  17. So yes, it's champagne and Macarons for me !
    But I'm sure your chickens and guacamole are better !
  18. (Those are my brother bday left overs, we don't ALWAYS have some at home)