1. So Mireille you REALLY think that French women don't get fat ? Ever ?
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  2. Really ?!?! French women don't get fat ?! It's like a REAL thing you can wrote a whole book about ?! REALLY ?!
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  3. So what's your angle ? Really ?! I want to know ? Sell unrealistic expectations to non-French women ?
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  4. Or is it really just make fat French women feel bad ? Really ?! Don't you think we have enough issues going on in our lives not to add this one to lower our self esteem ?! Really ?!
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  5. And really ?? It's a worldwide best selling book ?! Really ?!
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  6. Who bought that book ?! Really ?! Give me some names
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  7. Women who bought, do you really think that there's a magic recipe that makes an entire country slim ?! Really ?!
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  8. Of course not all French don't get fat ! Really !? A picture of my ass would never ever fit in this square (REALLY.)
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  9. So really just stop this nonsense, really ! Yes French people may put less sugar on their food, really but it's not all of them ! Really it doesn't mean anything
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  10. Also really ?! Is there an entire collection about French doing things better ?! Really ? Of course some French children are terrible like really terrible ! We even got a "super nanny" program to take care of them
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  11. So really, of course French parents are lost and give in! Really ?! You think that we just magically give babies cheeses and they fall asleep ?! Really ?!
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  12. And from even the same Mireille now we learn that no French women use facelift ?! Really ?! Have you seen how our nouvelle vague actresses still look young ?! Really?! Do you think it's just wine that works better than Botox ?! Really ?!
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  13. This has been Really?! With Seth, Amy & Lisa
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