No one told us life was gonna be this way
  1. The one with Emilie's news
    Emilie comes back few years later and reveals she and Ross have a kid. Ross doesn't really react well on having 3 kids from 3 different ex wives. So he rethinks his live and thinks about joining Scientology. A talk with Phoebe makes it all ok and better.
  2. The one with the French baby sitter
    I will obviously be the one babysitting Emma. Joey try to impress me speaking French and I'll reveal that Phoebe lied to him in the previous episode. Also big fashion talk with Rachel who hired a French girl for that, but she'll be disappointed cause I don't care about fashion so she fires me.
  3. The one with the flash forward
    Friends did so many great flashbacks episodes but I wish they could have done a last one Parks and Rec Style. Also it would have helped them not having to discuss 'what happened to them' for the last 10 years.
  4. The one when Joey doesn't go to LA
    Just an episode where Joey says out loud that he will never ever go to LA. Sequel problem solved
  5. The one when Monica's a juge
    Monica becomes a new juge at a food tv show. First try to be the cool one but soon became the mean one. Will make contestants cry and have a famous catchphrase that people keep tell her on the street. She loves being a food rockstar and keep doing the mean one.
  6. The One Where Chandler Cross-Dresses
    In order to better understand his father, Chandler tries to lead a new lifestyle and connect with his feminine side.
    Suggested by @Nicholas