1. No; I'm not doing porn.
  2. I'm working for a new video news media call Brut, which is launching in the U.S
  3. We are going to cover subjects we care about, with hopefully a fresh tone.
  4. The french Brut launched in September and is already a big success ! Let's hope we will have the same !
  5. The media will only be available on social medias.
  6. So here's the shameless promo time: please go like this page !! https://m.facebook.com/Brutlive/
    Fun fact the title was true : the page isn't available in France but in English speaking countries and also in South America ones... so my mother really can't see it. Nor comment on it: phew. BUT YOU CAN AND SHOULD (please)
  7. We are just starting so no big promo yet you'll be like so ahead of others !
  8. We are still clearing the twitter page but of course I'll update and ask you again for some following !
  9. Thanks !
  10. (Is there a "I made a list without draft" t-shirt available??)