1. The Mindy Project: Hanna babysit for Mindy Lahiri (@mindy). First they get along and think of becoming bff, until Mindy read Hanna's essay about gun control and fire her. (turns out Danny liked her)
    Episode name : When Mindy meets Hanna
  2. Difficult people : at a Marnie' concert, Shosh and Elijah hear Billy and Julie make fun of her. They join. Shosh tries to make Elijah date Billy. Both get offended and yell at her for thinking that just because they're gay they'll make out. (They end up making out in the restrooms)
    Episode name: Fucking hipster girls from Brooklyn
  3. Parks and Rec : now an active citizen, Ray summits a law to gov Leslie Knope to stop all cars in NYC.
    Episode name : the angry New Yorker
  4. Board City : Obvious one. Jessa will buy Abbi and Ilana some pot and they'll end up spending the whole week at Abbi's. Each wearing each other's clothes.
    Episode name: third wheel
  5. Big Bang Theory: Adam meets Sheldon at the comic book store (was there to study a role). They talk for awhile. After that he convince Sheldon that it's ok to have coitus with his girlfriend
    Episode name : The East Side Extrapolation
  6. Grey's Anatomy : Marnie is dating a new intern and try to sell painting to Bailey. Ends up crying on her shoulder.
    Episode name : brick in the wall