1. It's 4:19 am, so it's officially your birthday.
  2. "Oh, it's June 25" i thought while checking my phone after midnight, and in less than a second I sobered up and my mood change
  3. Not totally change, I'm still in a good mood from my day and night. It's just that I've learned by now that good mood and sad can coexist.
  4. I think I'm not sad in general anymore
  5. I think you'd recognize 5 to 18 yo Lisa who was telling everyone that she'd be "a comedian/actress and or journalist"
  6. I think you'd feel guilty to know I gave on both for 10 years. It's really not your fault.
  7. And yet now that I'm back on that path all I can think is that maybe, maybe, you'd be proud.
  8. So happy birthday.