1. I don't KNOW @mallofamanda in a real life "know" context
  2. But I know that she's :
  3. Funny as hell ! Watch her lists and videos people
  4. Is a great mum ! (Watch her kids people)
  5. Queen of Jewfro (copyright mall of Amanda)
  6. Winner of empowering selfies list about being make up free and waking up and still being pretty 24/24
  7. She's the first lister that added me on Facebook and so far isn't a criminal stalking me, so also thanks for that
    I don't have that much listers on FB TBH but many pop up in my suggestion now so I do what I have to do : check your page but don't send request 😉😈👼
  8. So even if I'm not in a good mood recently, and thoughts I wouldn't list in a while, knowing its your birthday and that you got to be happy, doing things you love, surrounded by people you love makes me happy !
  9. Happy birthday you classy lady and one of the best thing I found on @list
    Ok I'm not saying you're a THING you know