Happy dudesday !

  1. Hello,
  2. It's August 13
  3. Let's celebrate
  4. Cause he's the best man on this app
  5. And the coolest ; real Californian supa chiiill
  6. But also interesting, smart and wise you know
  7. He also perfectly integrate the best international alliance since the United Nations
    @jessicaz @DawnCloud and @LeahG would agree
  8. He also found himself a nice wife and Mrs and Mrs Dude are such a good couple
    @ElDudetterino ftw ! I mean if he managed to get THAT girl he must not be that bad
  9. Ok one time he taught I was talking about kitties when I was talking about Anthony Kiedis
    My accent is weird I get that but I mean, me ?! Talking kitties ?! Who Do you think I am ?! @LeahG ?!!
  10. To get your birthday card.. you'll have to drive
  11. Can't wait to hang !
  12. Oh yeah cause I almost forgot : happy birthday dude !!
    Wait should I even mention you it this list ?!