It's past 1 am so it's officially the 13th here ! Let's celebrate ladies !!! (@Boogie and @amieshmamie thank you for letting this community celebrate THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR)
  1. Happy galentines days @jenniferm !!
  2. When I got @Boogie dm telling me you were my galentine and I had to stalk you lists I laughed : first cause I was happy it was you, and also cause DAMN I've been already stal.. I mean reading your lists since day 1
  3. We are two proud gammas that joined on October 15 and we've been following each other's for so long (FOREVER REALLY)
    Shout out to your first list ! So cute and already very on list point ! THINGS THAT DELIGHT ME
  4. So you and your lists clearly are some of those that made me stay here
  5. Thanks for sharing about your stories (the emotional; funny or sad one)
    Guys (gals) long story short you do find a lot LOT on ancestors dot com
  6. [ps: at this point if you don't follow Jennifer I feel bad for you !]
  7. I love all your lists: thanks for teaching me a lot about politics, about real American life, for not being afraid to take actions, to denounce white privilege, seriously you're so intelligent and wit
  8. Of course like any lister you're also a big Hamilton fan so look (even the french girl can make an Hamilton reference) : i am not gonna throw away my shot To wish you the best ! You are such a wonderful human being and such a fine lady.
  9. If we were geocraphically closer, our galentines day would be like this: Drinking Prosecco and Watching Parks and Rec while painting our nails
    Ok I stole all your ideas from that list, still sincere Instant Cheer
  10. Also I'm very happy that your vagina is very fresh
    Probably in my top 10 biggest list laugh Weirdest thing you've ever gotten in the mail
  11. So happy galentines and don't forget that you are :