I used to be unable to watch the movies but once I got used to this world not being like the one I had in mind + accept that movies can't have it all I was ok. In the HP studio tour in London they start by explaining the directors cut: basically the movies had to only focused on Harry
  1. Nearly headless Nick birthday (death day?) party
    That's just rude for him
  2. Peeves (especially with Ombrage )
    He's not that often in the books to be fair but when he is somethings up ! So I would have love seeing him driving that bitch Cray cray
  3. Charlie Weasley getting Norbert the dragon
    Basically Hagrid had a dragon and then he didn't
  4. Firenze becoming a teacher
    Also explaining more the reaction of centaurs at the end of the movie
  5. Barty Croupton's Winky
    Basically HP 4 is the most cut book/movie cause the director didn't want to make 2 movies but 1 whole story (source HP tour 🤓) so basically the entire storyline of the Crouptons and why his son's out etc is just totally inexistent (but David Tennant is obviously gold in that anyway)
  6. Elves in general : Hermione spew
    Basically with Winky being inexistent and elves not being mentioned a lot, SPEW aren't mentioned even once (I think?) in the movies, nor is the elves conditions
  7. Other Weasleys storyline
    So we didn't see Charlie with the dragon, Bill suddenly appears only to get married with a small mention to his fight with a werewolf.. and most of all what about PERCY BEING AN ASSHOLE ?! Not a word about that ? So yeah cool he came to fight at the end but it means nothing in the movie !! I guess the fact that Croupton's story was biased and his allegiance not mention made it harder afterward to explain the situation
  8. Ginny in general
    I get that movie viewers don't get the Ginny crush cause except when she's weak and possessed in HP 2 she's barely here : but Ginny is a real badass and the books often mention how good she is with spells, at quiddich, she also isn't afraid to speak up for herself after her brother makes a reflection about her dating.. Basically she isn't one dimensional in the books.
  9. Harry thoughts
    I know it's hard to put that on film but books usually start with Harry feelings at the moment : feeling rejected when he doesn't get letters / bday cards, being jealous of Ron being prefect, and wanting to be alone at the end..
  10. Neville parents story
    Not only the heart breaking scene at St Mango never happened but the Neville story itself was just quickly mentioned
  11. Wtf the marauder's map really is and who made it ?! Like people who only seen the movies will never get it ?!
    But if you've only seen the movies you deserve to be an ignorant
  12. Tom/ Voldemort history
    We don't see much of his past except for Dumbledore souvenirs : what about his parents story !? The ring being an horcrux isn't a happy coincidence ! His history is so important through the books ! We barely mention it in the movie !
  13. Apparition lessons in the great hall
    Such a great scene in the books! Trying to apparate into the hula hoops, getting splinched, etc. This was such a huge moment for wizards finally learning and passing their tests to apparate and it's totally left out of the movies
    Suggested by @LeahG
  14. How Hermione is supposed to have a big nose until a spell (I think a spell?) gives her a gigantic nose and when she is cured she tells the nurse to take off a little more of nose and then she gets a cute little nose!
    Suggested by @solena
  15. Dudders- look at him now ladies. Better anyway. He started to realize Harry was ok wanted to make amends with him. That was left out of the movies.
    Suggested by @k8zinker
  16. Tonks and Lupin
    Such wonderful characters in the books with a really lovely storyline and love story. Hardly present at all in the movies.
    Suggested by @marcikm
  17. Harry should've hidden the Half Blood Prince's potions book in the room of retirement. Because in book seven he remembers that he saw a wizard's bust wearing a crown while he was in there. Instead the wanted to add a stupid kissing scene?
    Suggested by @justjills
  18. This really isn't that big of a storyline/underlying part as most of these other things but: the scene when Harry is screaming at Dumbledore about how he just doesn't care anymore and how he wants to die after Sirius' death. I feel like the movies didn't really capture just how important Sirius was to Harry and also they left out the iconic line:
    Suggested by @katevh