I'm early to a diner so instead of taking the metro I'll figure I'll walk.
  1. Getting out of Saint-Michel, hello Miss Notre Dame
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  2. The Law Court
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  3. The coffee we went after my brother swore in to become a lawyer
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  4. The Flower Market (close and behind a metro station)
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  5. Crossing the Seine river (on the left is a prison)
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  6. Public restroom NEVER GO IN THERE
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  7. The city hall !
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  8. The pict I inadvertently took while putting my lipstick
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  9. The one I took after that to show you that in usually smiling
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  10. Back to Paris, a street I am right now heading to Le Marais (Jewish and Gay quarter aka the obvious most fun quarter) (cause whose more fun than Jews or gays ?)
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  11. The Jewishiest street
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  12. Maybe more interesting shot
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  13. I'm almost done, if you're still reading/watching: please do that on your next walk I would love to see a random walk from any city !
    Yes, LA people, some people WALK
  14. Also next time day time and light would be a good idea.
  15. I arrived !
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    Falafel it will be. As it's not Instagram I won't post my food pict. But just imagine
  16. Bon appetit !