I've been only writing downer list lately but I swear I'm fun most of the time.
  1. Thanks for agreeing to ship internationally
    Unless of course you're European : in that case hey what's up neighbor ?!
  2. But if you're not European, I know when you got your email and realized you had one of the 2% outside the U.S* you were like :
    *works also for Australia, NZ, Africa of course
  3. So here you are wondering what to get me. So here are some hints on what to get me :
  4. Things that money can't buy
  5. Or things that money can buy
  6. Honestly up to you.
  7. So in case you don't want to stalk on my +600 lists (won't blame you) here are some things about me
    Not include: me listing a lot about my boobs
  8. I do Christmas ! And hannoukah ! And would love to do festivus !
  9. I love comedy
    It's vague I know, hmm snl, friends, Mindy, parks and rec to name a few
  10. I love goodies
    Cute, funny, useful or pointless anythings
  11. I love mugs
    Or do they count as goodies ?
  12. I love card/art/poster
    I just finish redoing my bedroom and will most likely list about that soon sooo stay tuned for even more hints ! (Lamest suspense ever)
  13. I love burgundy (or as I call it Bordeaux) mint, light pink, light grey, lavender and liberty floral pattern
  14. I'm finally getting scented candles
    But I know the shipping struggle so really actually why the fuck am I mentioning those. I think to look classy. Did I ruin it by writing that out loud ?
  15. I wanna read cool feminist books and still haven't validate my Amazon bag
  16. I love chocolate
    Can't be wrong really, my fav of fav is most likely milk and I love nuts or almond or salty things in it or anything really except those with alcohol in it, big ew. Very out of brand: i don't really like candies, I mean I'll eat them of course but it's not my favorite thing. Oh I don't have allergies (but my aunt is an allergy doc and Debbie downer time: she told me you can become allergic to ANYTHING at ANYTIME !! Crazy right ? ) Also I don't eat pork but why the fuck would you send pork ?!!
  17. I'd also love something from your hometown/country, personal to you, or something that isn't on this list !
  18. Honestly I love pretty much everything, I'm disgusting I known
    I don't like mushrooms tho. But again why the fuck would you send mushrooms ?! Basically just don't send me a bacon and mushrooms sauce or chips and I'll be fine.
  19. Of course if you're more into things money can't buy I'd love happiness, world peace and a time machine
    My bad, time machine are expensive af
  20. Thanks anyway for what you're about to do, Thats honestly awesome !
    To be honest you can totally ignore that list ! I wasn't even sure of posting it but I know it can also actually help so basically: if it helps use it if not don't ! I love surprises ! And I'm sure that I love you ! Or I will very soon because you're obviously someone great. It's so awkward to make that list really I'm sure you won't even need it. You're the best i can feel it. I'll be so surpriiiise !!!!
  21. Also.. Actually can't we all congratulate each other for that secret Santa thing ? It's bringing so much needed joy to everyone !
    grinch don't kill my vibe: this is seriously the best thing and don't tell me otherwise ! So much joy and excitement from giving and receiving !! (that's what she said i know)
  22. @DawnCloud thank you so so much for doing that; I know that for everyone (/me) your email was the highlight of a sad week, you're the best and I'm so proud to brag about us being friends for so long !
    Seriously if you didn't really know her before that secret Santa thing your best gift would be to get to know Emma. (If you already knew her, well that confirms what you already knew)