1. OH
  2. MY
  3. GOD
  4. Im dead
  5. Giphy
  6. Giphy
  7. Seriously I'm so happy !
    Never reached that kind of thing on my lame Twitter nor any other social medias actually ! And since its on my favorite app ever, it means the world ! Seriously thank you thank you thank you !!! I love @list so much thanks for creating the best social media with the best content and.. More importantly the best community ! ❤️ Seriously I can't tag Everyone but you guys know who you are I'm so happy to know you all !! thanks for all the interactions we have that I love so much ! ❤️
  8. And I feel much more responsibility now so I'll try not posting too much lists about my boobs
    Thanks for your trust, it's so nice. (@dev @Nicholas and @minhal please let me know what's your position regarding boobs lists)
  9. Of course I'll deny ever writing this and pretend I'm way too cool to notice and care about about that kind of things 😏