1. At this point we're all totally addict to this app
  2. And there's many lists mentioning why it's the greatest app on earth
  3. But I feel like there's a quintessential value that makes the app so important
    Look at the big words I'm using
  4. Of course @franksars list about Internet and list app friends is telling important points that explain why this app is particularly good
  5. Of course there's learning from each other's
  6. But now I'm talking greater good good
  7. I think more of a sentence we say but don't usually do
  8. Maybe you think you do it but let's be honest : we (most of the time) don't
  9. I'm talking about "don't judge a book by its cover"
  10. I think because this app is words before image we get to know a person further than where we would probably stop "IRL"
  11. I mean when I first discovered a list I just like the lists, than the persons, and soon enough everyone interacts with everyone
  12. There's no definitive labels
  13. When you think about it, do you really think that 1D fans; Jewish mum; musician; doctors. 16 yo badass, 40 something father of 2, or a 27 yo French would that easily start talking together ?
  14. But we all do !
    Do I need to tag people I'm obviously referring to ? It's pretty clear right ? 😉😘
  15. If we ran into each other in the streets we would probably never talked to each other
  16. Maybe even judge some lifestyle choices
    I know it sounds cooler or nicer to not say that, but I think it's actually more true. Also, maybe not "judging" judging but simply "I could never do that" or "have something in common with that person"
  17. But here we are talking to everyone with really no barrier
  18. Of course labels can be very subjectives
    See @ChrisK original list MY IDENTITY IN FIVE WORDS, RANKED (and many others made that way) about our identities and how different it can be depending on "who" sees it
  19. But now I think that what makes the list app so great is being able to go further labels, and preconceived ideas
  20. Because people share their stories and he can actually learn from another point of view
  21. Because we share lists highlighting similarities and mutual interests and just same sense of humor
  22. So yeah. That's my point. We really don't judge anyone by their covers.
    But we do share judgement about books but that actually a good thing so that's another star for the app