Follow those 15 easy steps !
  1. Write about an awesome ravishing subject with a sharp style
    La base
  2. Be the funniest person on earth.
    Don't even bother trying to be funny if you're not
  3. Write about something everyone love !
    Mostly tv or book related
  4. Write about something no one know about !
    Except about vegetables. We don't care.
  5. Put pictures of forearms or collarbones
    Usually forearms if you're a man and collarbone a woman but we're fighting against gender clichés so you can do whatever you want. Apparently hands work to and for any gender too
  6. Get relisted by BJ
  7. Or by Nicholas
  8. Or by 27 other people
  9. Talking about your boobs doesn't guarantee success
  10. Talking about your dick guarantee failure
    Unless you have a verified account and/or are a rockstar and/or your name is something like John
  11. Have a worldwide clock to be sure THE ENTIRE world is awake when posting
  12. Say that you love The Office and Star Wars
    See #3
  13. Hate on Trump. Or Ross, apparently.
    How dare you
  14. Pay people to like your lists
  15. Create 300 fake accounts and just relist and like yourself
  16. Et voilà !
    Disclaimer : the writer of this list decline any responsibility in case of list flops.