Shout out to @thebestSR to help checking my English aschkenazy vocabulary : turns out Farfel is international ! So this is my aunt recipe (from my mum side) but she confirmed me that this was also what my grandma (dad side) used to do !
  1. Call it farfou it's more fun !
    I didn't use the original square ones here but it's exactly the same
  2. In a pan, color the farfou a bit
    It takes the starch off and color them and gave them a better taste. Be careful not to burn them tho, if some seem too cooked (more blackish than brownish) take them out of the pan : they will be to bitter once cooked.
  3. When it's done take them out of the ring
    They usually keep cooking (depending of the pan I guess) so took them off a bit early if that's the case or put them in a bowl to be sure the cooking stopped
  4. Put some water*, oil, 2 garlic gloves, 2 bay laurel leaves and one poultry stock cube
    (I'm lost in quantity scales translations so it should be written on your bag with your scale haha basically it was around 2 measure of water for 1 of farfou )
  5. Wait til it boiled and the cube is dissolve
  6. Put the farfels in it
    My aunt Valerie wins the forearms contest !
  7. Hats on !
  8. Toss very regularly til all the water is absorb
    Try it to check if you need more water ( like for a risotto)
  9. Bon appetit !
    It's really easy to do ! And so quick !! About 10/15 minutes depending of the power of your pans !