My last two lists (1st Team crêpes TIL I DIE than Crêpes, Ranked. ) made me the Master of CREPOLOGY ! Join us !
  1. @LeahG 's lunch. She said that crepology opened her eyes (and look at those anime eyes)
  2. @Malpal 's afternoon treat. She said that becoming a crepologist made her a better and happier person.
  3. As your master, I had a goat cheese and honey and nut crêpe plus a Milka chocolate one
  4. I am now officially AN INFLUENCER
    Hello @JeremyPivot did people took a ferry because of your list ? I thought so.
  5. I declare today crêpe day !
    Crêpe day last for 3 "human" days btw
  6. Join the movement !