Not sure that's what @nathanveshecco meant with his request
  1. The oldest and bravest
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    That sheep is old and more grey than white but he saw a lot. He used to be at my grandparents country house but stay in forever when we sold the house so it means a lot to me. Because it was at our grandparents' my cousin think it belongs to her as well. No way.
  2. The cutest
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    That's almost a real one right ?
  3. The one I bought
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    With my own money when I was like 8 at camp, in Savoie. We visited a very cliche but cute mountain shop and I use my pocket money to buy Cookie ! Treat yo self 1996
  4. The absolutely not childhood one but come on he's so cute
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    I bought him at Universal Studios in 2011 and then traveled with him through Cali and Nevada : here he is in Hollywood
  5. Taking a selfie in the car
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  6. Being a Dodgers fan
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  7. Flying with Southwest Airlines to Vegas
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  8. French kissing a French girl
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    Bff Laura for those who didn't recognize her
  9. What happened there... Stays there
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  10. On his way to visit the great canyons
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  11. Becoming BFF with Laura's Buddy
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  12. He won't talk before his coffee
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  13. Visiting his biological dad
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  14. Let him phone home !!
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    Totally collarbone flashing on purpose