So I don't even count the ones I misheard as a kid cause please that doesn't count and remember that English isn't my first language. So have some mercy. But that doesn't mean it should excuse everything. Please tell me I'm not alone ? (It's just that I made some songs BETTER)
  1. Drunk in love - Beyoncé / Jay Z :
    So I knew it was a misheard lyrics right away but let's be honest, what makes more sense in the Jay Z verse ? "If I do say so myself" or "I f I do say samosa" (ok it's the first one. But my BFF and I now have a samosas song)
  2. We found love - Rihanna
    Excuse me but this time "we found love in an open space" makes much more sense than in a "hopeless place". Workplace romance are a thing and I'm sure Rihanna could find love at her job
  3. Lose yourself - Eminem
    So technically I was younger when it launched and I could blame that one ESL + rap. But the shameful part is, 1. how much I heard the song, really one of my fav, I even rewrite it for the list app LIST YOURSELF 🇪🇺 AN ANTHEM FOR MY EU LISTERS . 2. That I didn't found out the truth til MASTER OF NONE convo about it ! I thought he said "it's not a movie there's no Michelle Pfeiffer" as a reference of the gangsta paradise movie... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Don't even know the actual one mentioned.
  4. You might need somebody / Shola Ama
    My 90s jam was a lie as I learned YEARSSSS later that she was not, in fact, singing "HUMANS NEED SOMEBODY" which let's be honest is realest