1. Hi! yesterday night I had my first improv show in a real theater that people have to pay to get in to with a dressing room and all
    It went great !!
  2. Today afternoon I had another show at our regular free venue
    It went great !!
  3. So I was very tired.
  4. And now I'm not.
  5. Ok this list is just me bragging about doing shows now, but i wanted to put some context of my week end
  6. Also my mum came to the second one and I survived saying "I'm here to fuck your wife" in front of her
  7. That is FANTASTIC! Were there any hecklers? And if yes, how did you deal with it? (Hoping that your mum didn't heckle you!!!) 👍🏾
    Suggested by @Diplomatic_diva
  8. Hi @Diplomatic_diva no hecklers as the audience was mostly our friends that paid. My mom behaved nicely except for sitting in the front and filming me the entire time and I could totally see it
  9. I'm making kosher schnitzel this week, do you want me to snap you about it?
    Suggested by @jessicaz
  10. As if there was an option where you don't, @jessicaz
  11. If you woke up to a text from me in the morning that just said, "I'm down stairs, open the door", how would you feel and what would we do for the day?
    *fyi this is a hypothetical, sadly.
    Suggested by @jessicaz
  12. Omg @jessicaz I'm freaking out just thinking of that !! Ok So : obviously after a moment of tears and screaming and jumping and screaming and hug, I'll make you coffee and offer you to nap or shower cause you must be so tired from the trip;
    then assuming you arrive around noun we will go have a walk in central Paris and grab something to eat at Le marais aka Jewish district and I'll ask my mum's friend that own the Ashkenazy shop to dedicate you her recipe books that just come out in English. Tired on your first night we will chill at home and FaceTime @DawnCloud and @LeahG and talk all night as we usually do. Huh. FYI the code to get to my building is 4679, ring at favier
  13. Where is the theater located?
    Suggested by @DanielaM
  14. Hi @DanielaM !! The one from Saturday night was in the 15th district so fancy and far and the one from today was Porte des Lilas a popular neighborhood closer to my place
  15. If a hippo could talk, what would it's voice be like?
    Suggested by @DanielaM
  16. Like when dory speaks whale
  17. What would the said hippo say if it could talk?
    Suggested by @DanielaM
  18. Stop making me seat next to a rhinoceros
  19. What would Dory say to the talking hippo?
    Suggested by @DanielaM
  20. Sorry I don't speak hippos !
    If only she knew !!
  21. What is your favorite song? Follow up: what isn't your favorite song?
    Suggested by @Boogie
  22. Hey @Boogie you can't ask that !! I'm sure I'll more easily choose my favorite child if i ever have children
    I wish Your Song was written for me, some Jacques Brel too, wannabe is the one that will get EVERYONE to dance; and as for the one I don't like I'd say chihuahua: I'm all in for silly summer song but come on get some self respect
  23. Can you caption this for me:
    Giphy downsized medium
    Suggested by @DanielaM
  24. Moisturize moisturize moisturize
  25. What are the perks of being @HisDudeness ?
    Suggested by @DanielaM
  26. The question should be to him : what are the perks of being @Lisa_Fav
  27. @BWN_7 Most Common Double Play
    6-4-3 but here in France it's actually 4-6-3.
    Suggested by @HisDudeness
  28. @DanielaM Perks of being Fav
    Suggested by @HisDudeness
  29. @DanielaM perks of being the dude
    My wife (who's a fabulous parody acct in her own right - I'm still trying to figure out how @jessicaz maintains her IG, FB and List accounts without missing a beat). Things My Wife is Better at Than ME 📂
    Suggested by @HisDudeness
  30. It's 2am and I'm having pasta in screeeewed