1. Top secret
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    I even wrote on it from the back. Not sure if it was to make it look empty or because I just started it wrong
  2. The intro
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    5th of July 1998, if I wrote on this diary it's because Stephanie already had this one in pink for her birthday. (*stephanie is my cousin and now that I think about it I guess it wasn't a mistake to buy 2 same journals but one was meant to be for me) I've offered her 2 pens (plum and bic), a book and some CDs (Menelik, Madonna and All Saints) Henri (my uncle) offered me a coloring kit very good. Nonetheless he also offered it to Stephanie... I found that birthday very good except for some guests
  3. The heart dedicated to the one and only
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    I didn't even remember I had that phase. But who didn't right ?
  4. My genealogical tree
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    Sure why not
  5. Ok that from back really was a ruse
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    "Charly (Stephanie's brother) tried to read what I wrote but thanksfully I take my precautions: I take it upside down and from the back" I also wrote about my friend Cecile that was moving and I'll never see again because she wasn't on the white pages and we didn't exchange our numbers. Oh, the 90s. (I really did never heard of her again 😔)
  6. My cousin and were badass
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    We were about to be in trouble for playing with fire. Literally. We burned plastic yogurt cups in the garden 😎🔥🔥🔥
  7. We were also into dramas
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    basically we fought by throwing each other's shoe in the pool but then made peace. That was close
  8. And I was already the counsellor
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    "I tried to help her but she didn't answer seriously to my questions" because Stephanie that was 9 was already in a love triangle between a boy in her class and the neighbors' grandson
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    Because of course that's the most important that ever happened in France
  10. I ranked my friends
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    Like with real notes. (You'll be happy to know that I'm still in touched with the 1st one obviously she was a ten !
  11. I also wrote that I hated people; that I didn't have intimacy, was jealous of Aureline new friendship and most importantly I wrote like a 6yo but I was 10 and it's a good thing most of you don't speak French since there's spelling mistakes almost on every words.
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