1. All the people in that mall that didn't tell me that my dress was stuck in my tight
  2. Hairdresser that cut my hair to much when I was 16 despite me asking for just cutting the end
  3. Dude who asked if we could still be friends
    We weren't and we can't
  4. Former boss that thought I was stupid
  5. Racist af French police
    Joke's on me: I won't see you in court because impunity for policemen is more important than justice
  6. Men that keep interrupting women
  7. Sephora lady that ask me if needed something to reduce my pores
  8. Only English speaking Americans that makes fun of English as 2nd language people
  9. People that describe things as overrated
  10. People that describe things as underrated
  11. Grammys
  12. Crêpes vendor of Place Saint Germain that yelled at me and my friend around midnight 10 years ago
  13. Improv teacher that makes a doodle to settle our next show date.. settle anyway with the one date with less votes