Mazel tov
  1. Eat that
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  2. And that
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  3. Eat 2 tiramisu in 1 day
  4. Watch Steven Seagal speaks Italian in a movie
  5. Listen to my mother read the Wikipedia page of the history of Italians Jews
  6. Having a hairdresser call my hair BELLISSIMA ! (He also said that about MI MAMMA)
  7. Screenshot maps whenever I have wifi so I won't get lost when I don't
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  8. Having my mum take 7391074 picture of my bro and me.
  9. Drink cappuccinos
  10. And here's another Tiramisu
  11. So this happen... Obviously didn't need any filter, that's a real halo, because apparently that's how magic works
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  12. Anyone have some tissues please ?
  13. a GIANT mozzarella because size does matter
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  14. And... Here's how the bestest couple ends the beatest wedding
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