1. That black people are killed by cops for years (tonight my mum commented by "heard those stories since I was a kid")
    And nothing change, never.
  2. That no cops were convicted when killing unarmed black people
  3. Oh and while we're talking America, can you also explain to me..
  4. That a white rapist just do 2 months of jail
  5. That's there's mass shooting or "domestic accident" everyday but it's still easier to get guns than some cheeses
  6. Also, death penalty ? Are you sure of you about that one too ? Despite all the errors revealed when it's too late ?
  7. Also after the jokes and outraged about trump being actually the actual candidate for real, in real life, in 2016, with a polical program being hatred.: can we actually do something about it ?! It is not normal.
  8. I try comparing things with my country but it's incomparable for many reasons, and I know we differ on many things re: guns, arms, violence... And trust me, there's police violence (see @solena list she mentioned it https://li.st/l/120GbX8wrF4zY6UR5NmQkp) , there's racism and there's batshit crazy situations in general.
    So I know it's not comparable and that when analyzing another country issues you must never see it from your point of view
  9. But it's just too batshit crazy dangerous.
  10. Americans. Black people. I'm sorry. Sorry you feel unsafe in your own country. Sorry this is still happening. Just sorry.
  11. I feel useless, I retweet things, I share what I can share. But mostly feel useless. And heartbroken. And still process this. That this, all of those things I just talked about, is real life.
  12. And I wanna tell that all your names are known on the other side of the Ocean.