And now a very controversial list cause I ain't afraid to tell it like it is !
  1. Dear men using a close up of your eye(s) as profile picture in dating profile or any profile really : it's freaky af. We don't like that; you don't look mysterious and it makes me believe the other side of your face is like a Batman Villain
    Also 1. The only pictures of close up of eyes I'm ok to receive are from my friends that wanna know if their eyebrows or make-up game are on point. 2. Your other Picts have 90% chance to be ridiculous ; see also Tinder Bingo by @DawnCloud TINDER BINGO™ 🎯
  2. Only @dfly 's lists can be featured three times in one week without others listers feeling that it's unfair.
  3. I did get your text.
  4. Alternatively "oops I was sure it was sent" means "oops meant to write back sooner"
  5. If you always feel like you're right, you are probably wrong.
    Just said that on Twitter but telling that again for the kids in the back that weren't paying attention
  6. Oh and also, FYI equality is right. All kind of sexism and racism are bad. And war sucks.
    I know, shocking right ?