Good ol' lisa shared some wisdom, have a seat
  1. To stop a conversation with a rude seller on the phone
    Obviously you won't waste money on their crap so don't waste your time (if interested slide into my dms for the story of how I wanted to by my bff ballet lessons for her birthday)
  2. Stop calling 'friends' people that never ask YOU how you're doing
    Are you forcing a friendship on someone who obviously don't care about you ? Then stop. Friendships aren't on sided. They're not necessarily bad people, they're just not into you (ok sometimes they're bad and mean and stupid who wouldn't want to be your friend?)
  3. Know what I worth
    Literally and figuratively. Ask for the pay I want is always awkward. Know what I worth professionally and personally isn't
  4. Be ok with loving more than being loved
    You both care about each other, it's ok it's not a completion (not talking romantically here, unless the case of crushing a friend maybe)
  5. Giving advices to people that aren't my even friends
    Even older than me people, but I have a soft spot for young interns
  6. Know what alcohol is kosher for Passover