1. So I'm officially a social media manager
    I'm not a regular SMM I'm a cool SMM
  2. As we're a small team, I can like the journalists pitch some subjects or topics
  3. One got approved. Then made it to editing room. And a final go to be publish approval
    (Each step being usually a potential "no")(some videos got canceled once finished)
  4. And I'm so happy I got to talk about my Sheroine and her persistance
  5. I watched hours of speechs and hearings and interview and damn I wish I could vote for her
    Hopefully YOU will in 2020 or sooner
  6. Giphy
  7. Is it cheap af to be like "like it share it" ? Yeah I though so... but you know.. never hurts (both the CM and the journalist)
  8. I got to do a french adaptation for the french version (that has 200 000 followers !!) I'm so happy french will know her better !!
    It will also be in french public news channel info but like a very not known one haha but still yay me (hashtag humble brag minus the humble)
  9. Not a regular video that's a cool video https://www.facebook.com/Brutlive/videos/1721374101494435/
    Guys I was so scared this video wouldn't be publish haha but it is I'm very happy I tried to make fetch happen (it was hard to keep it under 1 minute there was so much more parallel to make!)
  10. Giphy
    Ok it was the hardest to edit because (hi @bjnovak I hope you approve this message) (my boss you've never seen the office thought it was written rn as answer to the news, so like you made it I guess), unfortunately couldn't put the moment that the gif is from. But I thought about @k8mcgarry a lot and did put the worst moment there is..!