1. But there was a bug and an old unfinished draft got published instead of the last version I finally wrote and meant to publish
  2. See what happens when you're gross and want to write about feelings ?!
  3. Pretty sure its some code thing @jeremysomething developed to prevent some gross nice things to be published on 2016 to remind everyone how you can't have nice things in 2016.
  4. So I guess it's too bad.
  5. No one will ever know that I thanked
    For providing me an outlet where I felt heard; which never happened before on any other platforms. To have a place I could find light while my life kept getting shittier and shittier. Where I could write silly and cathartic lists when the reality of life got to intense and where could also find sincere and emotive posts, as well as daring to publish some even if I stayed vague
  6. No one will ever know that I thanked listers
    For giving me laughter and emotions. For being a community and making me unlearn what I've learned about people on the internet for the past 15 years. Thanks for every interaction. Thanks for the gifts; cards; magazines; drinks and memories. For teaching me stuff, for meeting me, for being good crushes material.
  7. No one will ever know I thanked FTC
    Some time around February or March 4 very different women from across the world bonded magically. @LeahG @DawnCloud @jessicaz our group chat arrived when I most needed to escape from real life dramaS and when sadness and depression made it impossible for me to find that in the real world with real friends. Jokes on me cause know you're my real friends for life. I'm the luckiest of us all cause I got to met two of you and it was wonderful and I can't wait for it to happen again or soon
  8. ...
    And if I love our group chat very much it's nothing compared to our one to one conversation and bonding. I'm lucky you're all in my life now. I love you a lot.
  9. No one will ever know I thanked other listers that became real friends
    I didn't name dropped them cause this isn't my acceptance speech but they'll be named whenever I get an award. But thank you for the laughter, for making me feel safe, for letting me open up and for everything. Hopefully you know who you are. If not, that's just very sad for me.
  10. Well i guess they kinda know now.
  11. Ew that was so gross and disgusted I'm sorry if you saw that.
  12. See you next year* !
    *you're allowed to kill the colleague that does that joke every year.
  13. Seriously I feel dirty now damn it nye now people we know I have feelings ewwww