1. I was in a communication school and everyone still in classes went in front of the hallway tv
  2. I was just at my English course, my teacher was an American man, around 50 or 60 maybe more, white and living in France for years
  3. And I remember seeing him tear up, discreetly, silently, as we watched the oath
  4. I remember the giggles when Obama mumble a bit
  5. I remember the hope
  6. I remember realizing change was coming
  7. I remember knowing I was living an historical moment, and for once not a tragic one
  8. I'll always remember.
  9. From that crowded hallway in Levallois-Perret
  10. Today, it's my eyes that are tearing up. I'm thinking of you, all of you. Of us. And that teacher I can't even remember the name of, that is probably still crying today.