I basically want to write one just for the name
  1. It's not Britney bitch
  2. Beautiful, intelligent, smart, funny and modest, a memoir
  3. Harry Potter 8
  4. Stories about my Ashkenazy grandma, and some about me
  5. Another autobiography by an under 30 person, but at least I really wrote it
  6. Buy Chaplin's memoirs first
  7. How to not really make it but still be a happy person
  8. French. Girl. Jewish. Born in 1988. A very factual autobiography
  9. French girls aren't all slim and stylish
  10. How to befriend a porn star and an orthodox
  11. Things I won't say out loud
  12. Since nobody asked, I'll tell you
  13. It's gonna be ok
  14. The title I wrote in the metro
  15. Paris is not so romantic
  16. Please mum don't read this book