The one where I combined my 2 passions
  1. The one where they all go to the Zoo
  2. The one with the Avada Kedavra
    Isn't that a kind of sushi ?
  3. The one where Hermione is right 1/2
  4. The one with the ugly noseless guy
  5. The one with the Owl
    Let's call him Marcel
  6. The one with Seven Part
  7. The one where Hermione finds out
  8. The one where Ron finds out
  9. The one with the Horcrux
  10. The one that could have been
    Harry dies.
  11. The one with the muggles
  12. The one where they all drink butterbeers
  13. The one with the talking diary
    Suggested by @aniko
  14. The One Where Ginny Gets Possessed
    Suggested by @briana
  15. The one with the 4 houses
  16. The one with Mrs Weasley sweatshirts
  17. The one where Hermione dates an athlete
    And he's cute. And foreign.
    Suggested by @annalara
  18. The One With The Evil Cat Lady.
    Suggested by @AmberwithGlasses
  19. The One Where Harry Dies
    Suggested by @caitlinjayne
  20. The One With George Weasley
    Suggested by @TheSteve
  21. The one with dragon egg
    Suggested by @charlottexoxo
  22. The one with the teacher's Voldetumor.
    Suggested by @shaunteezie
  23. The one with the time-turner
    Suggested by @LeahG
  24. The one with the flying car
    Suggested by @LeahG