Not ranked, not even all of them (because I may not remember some of couldn't find picture of others) (because the 90s) seriously best guest and cameos ever in history of television. And that's a final statements
  1. Liz Taylor
    As herself and Making fun of Fran for not being married "not even once"
  2. Ray Charles
    As Yetta's fiancé Samy ! If this was a ranking he would be #1 ! that time he played Yiddish Mama to Yetta ❤️ and I was so glad that he came back as a recurring character
  3. Pamela Anderson
    Recurring as Heather Biblow, Fran nemesis when she married her ex Dannh, then widow then friend when she got a part in a famous sitcom
  4. Coolio
    As Samy's nephew or cousins... For one of the best make over in history
  5. Bette Midler
    As herself because she's the best
  6. Rosie O'donnel
    Twice ! Once as a cab driver once as herself !
  7. Donald O'Connor
    As Fran's aunt boyfriend with a joke being he can't dance until this (for the kids who don't know him he's Gene Kelly BFF in Singing in the rain) the episode actually ends with Fran and Max watching the "make them laugh" scene !
  8. Jason Alexander
    As a blind man that hits on Fran
  9. Joan Collins
    As Max's father new spouse (father played by Robert Vaughn but couldn't find a nice pict)
  10. Jay Leno
    As himself, with dog.
  11. Billy Ray Cyrus
    As himself : organizing a kissing contest for his new album
  12. (Young) Jon Stewart
    As Fran boyfriend that is Jew and a doctor and CLIFFHANGER turns out to be cousin
  13. Telma Hopkins
    As maybe yes maybe not Fran actual birth mother
  14. Shemar Moore
    I know the pict is bad but he's shirtless so enjoy anyway (played himself when Fran was in LA to see Heather)
  15. Celine Dion
    As herself of course, singing perfectly
  16. Elton John
    Such an awesome episode !! He plays himself and Fran has to dress up so he doesn't recognize her because she saw him once and causes trouble ! Perfect cameo and episode !
  17. Chevy Chase
    As himself, gambling
  18. Whoopy Goldberg
    First as a photograph and later as herself !
  19. Chris Elliott
    At a ski trip for Clinton's donors
  20. Patti Labelle
    As herself, winning a mother daughter contest
  21. Richard Kind
    I couldn't find a pict of him dancing the boogie but it was a cool episode : former classmate of Fran, obsessed with her, wanna be writer, suicide attempt and so many dance
  22. Roger Clinton
    He was their neighbor and appeared few times
  23. Jane Seymour and Joe Lando
    As themself when Fran is interrupting the shooting of Doctor Quinn
  24. My question is : why Barbra never came ?!!
    There's a fake cameo in the final and it's scandalous ! She should have been here !
  25. Anyway. The Nanny had the best guests.
    And yes, I included this conclusion just for this Yetta Gif