1. If you wanna feel some feelings watch and listen to this song by Yael Naim "Coward" : https://youtu.be/xGK2OW4XMfs
    The song is from her last album so out for more than 1,5 year ago but she learned that Stromae cried listening to it (like everyone who heard it) and reached to him to collaborate: the new clip is co directed by Stromae, his partners for his works and even one of Wes Anderson collaborator. I found an article in English for the very curious ‪ http://www.craveonline.com/music/1173577-stromae-makes-directorial-debut-video-yael-naims-coward‬
  2. President François Hollande announced that he won't be candidate to his reelection for 2017 presidential
    First time ever a president doesn't go for a second mandat. I did think of writing a very long list about it with more political context, analysis and thoughts and all but LOLOLOLOL I remembered no one would care but hey long story short it's historical and wow
  3. During the annual telethon, a show airing all week end to raise money for (against actually) myopathy and others neuromuscular genetic diseases, a young kid that sing in a band said to the crowd : "everybody stand up! Come on! Everybody ! Stand up!"
    Yes. The audience members are pretty much all in wheelchairs.
  4. Ok Thats all you need to know really it's mostly that telethon thing that will go viral