I know to be RELATABLE you're supposed to make fun of other people, their habits or cites but I'm more about finding similarities. So here's my deep analysis from my travels in big cities, cause in every big city... (IEBC since you make anagrams out of everything I'm sure this one could be legit)
  1. IEBC ...
  2. ... There's this "used to be bad neighborhood" that's now trendy youngish hipster friendly
  3. There's rats on the streets and too much cushions above your sheets
  4. There's weirdos on public transports
  5. There's people coming from all the rest of the country with hopes and dreams
  6. There's a very expensive neighborhood that is actually boring
  7. There's a giant H&M poster ad
  8. There's an overrated touristic famous thing
  9. There's a very famous indie cinema theater that everybody loves but never goes to, but will be devastated if it closed
  10. There are lost tourists
  11. There are tourists pretending not to be lost
  12. There's a man over exaggerating his exasperation when the metro's a bit late, even if it's not even on go-to-work time
  13. There's a historic venue that used to host famous historical concerts and "is a real dream come true to perform here" for new artists
  14. There's street singer/guitarist or even band playing smooth version of songs in a touristic area
  15. There's probably a river
  16. There's someone that says sorry despite being the one knocked over
  17. There are neighborhoods for all the big industries (medias, banks, parliaments and public institutions...)
  18. There's gentrification
  19. There's someone complaining about big cites rhythm / traffic / speed / expensiveness (but that will never move out)
  20. There's a movie or tv show that have at least a scene supposedly there
  21. There's a "train station neighborhood" that is dirty and unsafe
  22. There's a couple showing way too much pda in a famous romantic spot
    Or in the public transport
  23. There's a man that knows someone that knows someone that can help you
  24. There's people that won't go have diners at other people places cause it's "too far"
    Anything outside their block/district/area being too far
  25. There's a nice park
  26. There's an ass that keeps comparing it to another city
  27. There's another ass that keeps saying they're all the same