Bonjour, je m'appelle Lisa (et je suis une meuf chanmée)
  1. Basically tell me a word or sentence you wish to know in France and I'll translate !
    (Yes, I might be bored. But let's say I'm doing this for more noble reasons like culture and stuff). Slangs ans swearing welcome (see my bio, I'm French therefor excuse my French and my swearing)
  2. Greetings to you, my unicyle-riding compatriot, would you by any chance know how to extract this pewter codfish-shaped cigarette lighter from my great-uncle's upper duodenum?
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  3. ⬆️ "bonjour à toi, compagnon de monocycle, saurais-tu par hasard comment extraire ce briquet en étain en forme de cabillaud du haut duodénum de mon grand oncle ? "
    @ChrisK Nice try. Now you Know anyway.
  4. "I didn't care for it" when asked about a movie, book, restaurant
    Suggested by @rachel
  5. ⬆️ different translations can fit : "sans plus" (literal translation being more "nothing more") when you didn't really like the thing you're talking about (a bit like so so I guess). There's also "ça ne m'a pas marqué" (it didn't touched me) or "je m'en fous" more vulgar between I don't care and I don't give a fuck (still less vulgar I think)
    @rachel here you go ! You're all set for Paris movies and restaurants !
  6. Whatever French cussing aside from "merde!" that follows after one has stubbed their toe, been betrayed, etc.
    Suggested by @rachel
  7. ⬆️ I do have a draft called "favorite French swear words" basically all you need is merde, Putain and fais chier !
  8. Buy me a drink?
    Suggested by @drugs
  9. ⬆️ now we're talking ! Depending how polite you wanna sound (guess it's the same everywhere: saying buying or offering) so "tu me paies un verre ?" Or "tu m'offres un verre ?" (Verre is à glass, Theres also a slang word for a drinks that is "Un coup"
    @drugs lehaim !
  10. Catch them young; treat them rough and teach them how to dance.
    Suggested by @jannychan
  11. ⬆️ "attrape les jeunes; traite les durement and apprend leur à danser"
    @jannychan I must say I bit worry. Why do you need to know that ? Are you planing a kidnaping of young french ?
  12. May I have the mint-chocolate chip ice cream, please?
    Suggested by @LizDawson
  13. ⬆️ "pourrais-je avoir une boule menthe s'il vous plaît ?" (Translation 1 ball since you usually order ice cream per balls. Weird sentence to write. We also usually don't mention the chocolate chip in the mint ice cream but don't worry there are here 99,99% of the time and that's my favorite ice cream too ! (That and coffee)
    @LizDawson 🍦😍
  14. I'll have the red wine, please.
    Suggested by @LizDawson
    @LizDawson finally ! How come nobody mentioned wine yet ! Basically when ordering wine you don't need to say "wine" just the color ! (Blanc, Rosé, Rouge 🍷)
  16. Life is so great! ✨ P.S. This is so cool, thanks for doing this!
    Suggested by @Deanndre
  17. ⬆️"la vie est si géniale !"
    @Deanndre thanks !!! Theres also "la vie est belle" (Life is beautiful! La vita es bela! )
  18. ⬆️"Tout le fromage s'il vous plaît! Et, si ça ne vous dérange pas un peu de viande et de pain. Pas d'urgence! J'ai le vin pour me tenir compagnie."
    @Lindi you seem to have the entire evening planned ! 😂🍷🧀