Inspired by @dev
  1. Pigeons
    Try to fear them and live in Paris. People often laugh at me screaming or hiding when they fly low but it's because I know they wanna attack me. I was attacked by a pigeon when I was about 11 at Cannes so I know they can / want & will kill us all ; my theory here IRREVOCABLE PROVES THAT PIGEONS WANT TO CONTROL THE WORLD
  2. Mushrooms
    It's mold people !! Ew. I used to not be able to touch anything that might have touch one, I'm getting better if I cross path with one as long as I don't eat it or smell it. And no, it's not disgust it's really fear. (Also I almost puke searching picture I can't add one)
  3. Riding a horse
    Same reason as Dev, mum keep telling me that it paralyzed superman. She told me that a lot for a long time. Not afraid of horses itself just riding it but did pet some at camps (as long as I didn't have to ride them after)
  4. Stand on a chair or actually anything
    It will break, I will fall.. ITS JUST TOO HIGH !! (Guess being afraid of high isn't irrational but my scale of high is)
  5. And also of course that everybody secretly hate me, that I will never find happiness, and that people put mushrooms in my plates secretly