Asking for a friend... 😏
  1. I wanna take some (more) UCB classes soon
  2. I'm hesitating between LA and NY
    Went to NY for 101 last summer
  3. I feel LA would be a bit less less expensive
    I won't have to Airbnb on week ends I still can sleep at my cousins' in Santa Clarita. But since I'll have to be at the UCB training center on Sunset every morning at 11 I thought of taking an Airbnb for a few days (my cousin from LA who was visiting me this week just left her apartment nearby to travel the world : good for her not for me!!)
  4. But the thing is I can't drive in the US
    Nor in France actually but I wanted to look coolish (it's a Parisian thing not to drive, but I'll change that soon but not soon enough for UCB)
  5. So my question is : can I survive carless in LA ?! Is metro that terrible ? How much does a uber ride cost ? Can I found not so expensive Airbnb nearby UCB ? Kidding I checked I can't
    Actually either in NY or LA my UCB class level 201 isn't 1 week like the 101 but 2 so truth is I guess I won't get to go to any of those 2 weeks of Airbnb is too expensiiive ! And my friends in NY live too far from UCB training center so it will be hard to be there at 9 !
  6. Anyway that was my day dreaming moment, it too complicated anyway giving some personal family issues I might not be able to go anyway but I guess it's still good to know anyway !
    TBH my cousin from Santa Clarita would offer take me every morning but I obviously don't want to ask her that plus would love to experience actual independent LA for a change